Fania Sorel was born on the 3th of December 1971 in Ostend, Belgium. She’s well-known for her renditions in theater plays, she is the granddaughter of Gustaaf Sorel, as Ensor said: "Gustaaf Sorel, c’est le diamant noir de la peinture contemporaine".

In Dutch he said she was his: Spiegeloogje, and that is exactly what she did , she is mirroring his melancholy on a stage.
Two artists with the same story to tell, but in different times, in different arts.

"Sorel playing Nawal Marwan is one of the stars! The actrice shines with her voice as if it is clearing a pathway in the midst of thousands of shedded tears (...)You don't think about this character, because she thinks, but you feel and experience all the emotions with her, emotions that are so convincing without pathos or false rhetoric. How is it possible for this actrice to play this part night after night with such intensity?"- Hana Bobkova- THEATERMAKER

" Eine andere Art des Spiels ist dabei zu erstaunen: Kaum jemand auf Deutschen Bühnen kann was Fania Sorel kann, völlig normal sein frei von jede Kunstbehauptung, emotional ja aber nie so das da nicht Frau Jedermann von Nebenan zu ahnen wäre. so kann die Schauspielerin Lanoyes grösste Behauptung begläubigen (...) "-Michael Laages- Deutschland Rundfunk.


  • 174 cm / 5 feet 8,5 inches
  • European size 38-40
  • shoesize 37
  • blond hair & grey-green eyes
  • native Dutch & accents, fluent French, decent English and fluent German with an accent.


  • Latin-Sciences-Mathematics (6)B - Koninklijk Atheneum Ostend, Belgium
    graduated June 1989
  • Studio Herman Teirlinck - Antwerp, Belgium
    graduated "Magna cum laude” june 1993

awards & nominations


  • nomination festival award Les Scènes Blanches
    Gesprek ten Huize Stein
  • nomination festival award Les Scènes Blanches
  • nomination student festival award for best actress


  • VSCD proscenium award for all participants
    Proust III


  • nomination 1000-Watt Award


  • Colombina best supporting actress


  • nomination Théo d’Or best leading actress